Join the Only Keto Challenge with Expert Coaching & Team Accountability Designed to Help You Bust Plateaus, Drop the Weight, and Regain Confidence.
Join the Only Keto Challenge with Expert Coaching & Team Accountability Designed to Help You Bust Plateaus, Drop the Weight, and Regain Confidence.
FREE Simple, Fat-Burning Keto Meal Plans
FREE Keto Recipes that Are Delicious
FREE Keto Training, Coaching, & Support in the TEAM KETO Group!
FREE 15 Minute HIIT Workouts to Keep Ketone Levels High
Join Thousands of Transformations
"I can honestly say that with the help of TeamKeto I have finally hit my goal weight! I really haven't felt this good ever in my life! I've lost weight eating amazing foods like bacon avocado cheeseburgers, keto ice cream, and many others! Keto has changed my life and I'm never going back!" 
Kensie's Story
"I was stuck at my weight and nothing would shift it... calorie counting, Weight Watchers, yo-yo dieting, and I even got to the point of starving myself. Nothing worked... until Keto. I have lost lots of weight in a healthy way, where I don't feel like I'm starving myself.

Preston and TeamKeto have made it so easy and delicious. I've never stuck with a diet before, but the Keto lifestyle has changed my life and it can for you, too! Do it!"
"Thanks to TeamKeto I'm the leanest I've been in years. I've achieved a six pack, have more energy than ever before, and feel amazing. I feel like I'm more focused and get more out of my day. Trainer Preston makes ketosis EASY for you. You're going to love the food and lifestyle!"
What is Keto & Why Do This Challenge?
  • Keto turns the body into a fat burning machine! Discover how to burn stored fat as FUEL.
  • Eat foods you already LOVE like bacon, burgers, guacamole, keto ice cream, and so much more. (Recipes Included)

  • ​Keto supercharges daily energy!

  • ​Improve focus, mental clarity, and cognitive performance to get more done in the day.

  • ​It's easy to stick to the plan and make it a lifestyle!
Accelerate Ketosis with BONUS HIIT Workouts!
  • ​BURN body fat with these 15-Minute High Intensity Interval Training workouts that can torch fat as fuel for up to 24 hours!
  • ​Workout from home! No equipment or gym membership needed with these follow-along daily workout videos that'll help the body get into ketosis faster! 
  • ​STOP wasting valuable time on hours of "cardio." These fast, FUN, unique bodyweight circuits that can literally be done anywhere, are actually scientifically proven to be more effective for melting fat while also strengthening the body!
  • ​Appropriate for ALL FITNESS LEVELS: modifications and form direction provided with every routine. Exercise safely, effectively and within personal ability!
  • ​The biggest obstacle to keto is peer pressure and social eating. That's why you need a team -- TeamKeto -- a support program with everything you need to nail keto.
  • ​TeamKeto is an online community of expert coaches and nearly 80,000 TeamKeto teammates to support you in your goals! And that tips the scale in your favor.
  • ​Get FREE access to our Challenge Facebook group for accountability, support, and motivation. Get specific Keto questions answered!
Expert Coaching, Training, and Live Support From TeamKeto Trainers
  • ​Step-by-Step Keto Educational Videos that will teach you how to avoid painstaking mistakes and do keto RIGHT!
  • ​Daily motivation and exclusive keto training from TeamKeto trainers. Stay on track with ketosis, break plateaus, and achieve optimal results!
  • ​Daily workouts and nutrition tips delivered via email. Written out instructions and video demonstrations.
Real People. Real Results.
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