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"I love Keto! It has been an incredible journey and I have lost so much weight on it! The best I have felt is doing the TeamKeto challenges. The meals are delicious and so easy to prepare. I love them. Also, the TeamKeto supplements are delicious, amazing, and they work!"
1 Bottle of Fuel Exogenous Ketones  
($59.99 Value)
  • Facilitates a quick switch that puts you into a fat burning state of ketosis.
  • Boosts your energy, your focus, and your mental clarity by providing ketone fuel.
  • Replenishes your ESSENTIAL electrolytes (especially those hard to get in food).
  • ​Reduces your chance of getting keto flu symptoms (brain fog, low energy, etc).
  • Trains your body to produce natural ketones and controls appetite.
  • ​Helps you stay in ketosis even when you make mistakes. (Nutrition labels are tricky)
  • Tastes AMAZING: Makes it EASY to ditch soda and sugary drinks. You'll wonder why you ever had them before!
Complete 6-Week Meal Plan App
  • Get into ketosis and get results FASTER.
  • 6-weeks of the BEST guilty pleasure keto recipes.
  • ​Simple step-by-step instructions on what to eat and when to eat it. 
  • ​Complete Q&A on the most common keto questions and mistakes.
100+ Simple & Delicious Keto Recipes
  • Easy to make keto recipes that taste AMAZING.
  • ​Lots of variety. You'll never get bored with meals.
  • ​Ketogenic macros optimized for maximum fat burn.
  • ​Family friendly and husband approved.
  • ​Yummy treats to help you curb sugar cravings and remain a fat-burning machine all day. 
Simple Weekly Grocery List
  • Save time and hassle.
  •  Easy to find ingredients.
  •  Save money by cooking on a budget.
Private 6-Week Facebook Group
  • Get private advanced level coaching from me and my team of coaches.
  • ​24/7 support, motivation, and accountability!
  • ​Join other people who are just like you.
  • ​Ask any questions as you go through the 6-Week TeamKeto Challenge.
BONUS: HIIT Workouts!
($47 Value)
  • Elevate ketone levels and BURN body fat with these specially formulated 15-Minute HIGH heart rate circuits that can torch fat as fuel for up to 24 hours AFTER each HIIT routine!
  • ​Whether your a beginner or advanced, there's a workout for you.
  • ​The exercises are designed to target stubborn fat areas.
BONUS: Keto Dessert Guide
($27 Value)
  • My favorite to die for Keto dessert recipes.
  • ​Includes recipes like keto shakes, lime bars, pie, brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cups, ice cream, mug cake, and so much more!
  • ​Convenient PDF download to print and take anywhere! 
BONUS: Intermittent Fasting Guide
($47 Value)
  • Learn what Intermittent Fasting is and how to do it right!
  • ​Avoid the biggest IF mistakes.
  • ​Combine with keto to turn your body into a fat burning machine.
The Best, Exclusive Keto Recipes
Keto PB Brownies

Easy to make chocolate brownies that are so gooey and yummy.
Cauliflower Crust Pizza

No pizza on keto? Not anymore! This crust recipe is keto approved and will have you begging for more!
Bacon Jalapeño Poppers

Heaven in your mouth. 
Keto Chicken Nacho Casserole

This cheesy satisfying meal will have you wondering why you ever ate regular nachos in the first place. 
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C8 MCT Oil Powder
($39.99 Value)
  • ​Boost ketones levels FAST.
  • ​Makes maintaining a 75% fat diet much EASIER.
  • ​Boosts your energy, your brain performance, and your focus.
  • ​C8 MCT is superior to regular MCT (C10 & C12) because C8 produces three times more ketones!
  • ​Makes your drinks or treats creamy and delicious! (Coffee & tea, smoothies, shakes, baking treats, etc)
  • ​MCT powder will be MUCH easier on your stomach than regular MCT oil.
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  • ​Complete 6-Week Meal Plan
  • ​100+ Best Keto Recipes
  • ​6-Week Grocery List
  • ​Access to the 6-Week Challenge APP
  • ​Private 6-Week Challenger FB Group
  • ​​BONUS: 6-Week HIIT Workouts
  • ​​​BONUS: TK Dessert Cookbook
  • ​​​BONUS: Fasting (IF) Guide
$499 47
(Challenge is Delivered Digitally)
  • ​Complete 6-Week Meal Plan
  • ​100+ Best Keto Recipes
  • ​6-Week Grocery List
  • ​Access to the 6-Week Challenge APP
  • ​Private 6-Week Challenger FB Group
  • ​​BONUS: 6-Week HIIT Workouts
  • ​​​BONUS: TK Dessert Cookbook
  • ​​​BONUS: Fasting (IF) Guide
  • ​1 Bottle of FUEL Ketones
$532 79
(Challenge is Delivered Digitally)
  • ​Complete 6-Week Meal Plan
  • ​100+ Best Keto Recipes
  • ​6-Week Grocery List
  • ​Access to the 6-Week Challenge APP
  • ​Private 6-Week Challenger FB Group
  • ​​BONUS: 6-Week HIIT Workouts
  • ​​​BONUS: TK Dessert Cookbook
  • ​​​BONUS: Fasting (IF) Guide
  • ​1 Bottle of FUEL Ketones
  • ​​1 Bottle of C8 MCT Oil Powder
$605.99 119
(Challenge is Delivered Digitally)
We hold our products to the highest ketogenic standard to help you get the best results as fast as possible.

Unlike other Keto supplements, which can be misleading about true BHB levels, TeamKeto FUEL contains 11.7 grams of PURE BHB. No fillers, no additives, and no extra minerals. Nothing but pure beta hydroxy-butyrate. That means you'll have all the fat-burning benefits of exogenous ketones—only faster.

Also, most MCT products include a blend of different oils such as C12 and C10 instead of C8. C8 produces ketones much faster. This slows down the results and fat-burning benefits of taking an MCT. But that's most products. Our Pure C-8 MCT Powder isn't like most products. Instead, it gives the body an ultra-efficient ketogenic boost.

Our goal is to meet everyone's unique keto needs and Team Keto meets those needs head-on. Get ready to increase performance and reach your full potential.
"I have tons of energy. I feel great. Orange Mango Fuel tastes like a popsicle. I love it because you can drink it anytime and it really does get me into ketosis and help me stay there. I put C8 in my coffee and it gave me the biggest boost of energy. The collagen helps my skin and nails. I highly recommend Team Keto!" -Kensie
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  • I've Helped Hundreds Transform Through 1-1 and Online Coaching
  • ​Magazine Cover & Fitness Model
  • ​ Spokesmodel Finalist
  • ​Years of Keto Experience 
  • ​NPC Men's Physique Competitor
  • ​Exercise and Sports Science Degree
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